Inspiring Eco-friendly Interiors

Country Mouse

Helping to save the planet since 2011​

Here at Country Mouse we're all about inspiring our customers to 're-fab' rather than buy new,

're-cycle' rather than discard and generally 're-think' about furnishing their home in a way that will save money and have the least impact on the environment.  

There is nothing we love more than rescuing an item of furniture and transforming it into something beautiful, unique AND affordable.  We also love sharing our skills by teaching customers to re-love their own pieces.  For the time-poor, or disinclined - we offer a professional painting service.  

All of the accessories sold in our shop are either pre-loved or are environmentally friendly products, carefully sourced by us.

​Please explore our website and join us on Social Media to find out more ... or better still, pop in for a visit, we'd be delighted to meet you.